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  • Students have full access and supports to freely and independently move within and around school facilities

  • Facilities, campuses, and transportation are proactively evaluated for accessibility

  • Improvements and maintenance needs are promptly identified and appropriately prioritized


  • Parents and teachers are vocal advocates for children in the district, community, and at public & private organizations

  • Concerns from parents, students, and teachers are actively solicited and adequate resolution is expected

  • The district assures that parents are informed of and understand their obligations and rights

  • Special Education programs at FWISD are leaders in educational outcomes and inclusiveness

Teacher and Pupil



  • Challenging academic rigor is available for all students and educational progress is tracked and reported

  • Teachers receive thorough training on modified curriculum and are provided ample classroom support

  • IEPs and 504 plans are useful and collaborative tools that provides students with challenging goals and thorough measurement



  • Thorough and individualized emergency planning takes place for students with mobility or sensory considerations

  • The district coordinates closely with First Responders to assure that students remain safe in any situation

  • Diversity is actively promoted throughout the district and students are vigorously protected from bullying

Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump


  • Inclusion is applied both as a philosophy and as a standard practice throughout the district

  • The opportunity to succeed and fail with grade-level peers is a fundamental student right

  • Students participate in the full experience of school including elective, extracurricular and socialization activities

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